Build a Prosthetic Hand – At Home!

Building off my prior post, if you’re at all interested in working with the good folks of E-Nable, I can’t recommend enough that you sign up, and then join the Google+ group.

They are doing some amazing work on that site, and it deserves as much recognition and help as possible.

But say you just want to make the hand? Maybe you need a decoration, or just want to show off the capabilities of your printer.

Check out the Raptor Hand by E-Nable then. Designed to be made almost entirely out of 3D printed parts, it’s a really fancy looking piece of kit, and a great test of your skills.

It’s particularly a good test of how your printer handles tolerances, and how calibrated it is. If things aren’t correct, the pins which snap the flanges and fingers together simply won’t work right (either falling out or not going in), and the “ligaments” won’t thread correctly. If you want to be even more futuristic, take a look at the limbitless arm, which is the only 3D printable open-source myoelectric arm that I can think of.


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