Stormtroopers and RIT Arms

0111TrooperArm MA7_0

When people talk about what’s amazing about 3-D printing, or what the killer app is, I think the most obvious applications are in medicine. The obvious application is custom manufacturing of complex medical devices; things like bones, joints, etc can be shaped to fit the patients requirements instead of the other way around, hopefully shortening recoveries and improving end-patient success.

However, when it comes to what really gets people excited, it’s prosthetics. 3D printing already does so much good here; whether it’s providing cheap prosthetics through the E-Nable project (which is extremely worth your time to join if you’re a printer), or by allowing patients to take ownership in pride in something, which unfortunately, has been a thing people hide.

“Sure, you might have a “normal hand”, but mine is a stormtrooper’s hand”, turns out to be one hell of a self-esteem boost for a child.

Just see below; thanks to the good folks at E-Nable, he was able to get a custom made RIT arm, which restores a degree of functionality to his arm, and more importantly, can be cheaply remade as he grows.

Just remember; we’re already living in the future.



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