Community Resources

I know when I started out, it felt a little bit like diving feet-first into the Arctic Ocean.

Below are a few websites that I’ve found particularly useful for reference either to learn more about 3-D printing techniques or the printers themselves.

  1. RepRap Project
    • A wiki compiling all of the available information on RepRap, the open-source 3-D printing project. Many of the designs you see in the market nowadays originated at RepRap, or trace a heritage back to a RepRap design like the Prusa i3 or MendelMax.
    • The wiki alone is invaluable for getting familiar with the vast array of equipment and methodologies that are available.
    • There is also a forum! Check it out.
  2. 3D Printing Forums
    • The largest forum for discussion of 3D printing on the internet.
  3. SoliForum
    • Another large forum, but also home to the Filastruder project. Very DIY oriented, and very welcoming.
  4. Printrbot Talk
    • The Printrbot Line, from the Simple to the Plus might be the best value in 3-D printing. Printrbot Talk is pretty much the go-to resource for this line of machines. Their threads are where I figured out how to modify my printer.

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